2018 Asian Beat Thailand Tour

We visited northern Thailand with 5 people from Taiwan, 4 people from South Korea, and 21 people from Japan with a total of 30 people for 9 days from December 15th to 23rd, 2018.  Performances and exchanges were held in various places through singing and dancing.

Early in the morning on December 16th, we headed from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, and the reunited cast members went to Mae Fah Luang University where the first show was held shortly after breathing.  It was the first show for the cast members.  We combined it in a short time of 3 hours with what we had practiced in each place for 3 months and went to the actual production. The event was a great success! It was an exciting show with the feelings of each cast members. Band performances and game time on the university side were also lively, and more than 100 students and school officials gathered at the venue, and the students danced to their heart’s content.

The Asian Beat performed not only the show but also interacted with local children through singing and dancing at the Ban Rom Sai Orphanage in Chiang Mai and the Mae Kok Foundation Orphanage in Chiang Rai. We enjoyed global dances of with 300 children in an elementary school and spent time with orphanages and village children. Many smiles of the children were seen by demonstrating the special skills and individuality of each cast member, such as playing with a big skipping rope brought from Japan and playing with a portrait. We realized that we could communicate with each other and had a good time even though we didn’t understand other languages.

We also had valuable experience of straddling two countries in one day. Myanmar on foot from Mae Sai in northern Thailand and sailed from the Golden Triangle to Laos! When we crossed the border, it was a very strange feeling because the words spoken were different and the atmosphere of the city was different even though they were close by.

We also had a full show at Chiang Mai University. It’s the last full show for the cast members, so we worked hard! This year’s theme was “STEP” which meant that it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, so let’s challenge your own “STEP”!  

And at the last look back. we shared our thoughts with the team, and most of them couldn’t control their emotions to share their heartfelt thoughts with tears. We thought that the unity became stronger because there was one big challenge of having a show with everyone. Also, in an environment where the cast members couldn’t communicate with each other, it was a big harvest that they tried to get to know each other and realized that the lack was not a minus but a plus.