Keio Thailand Tour Report

Dates: March 24-30, 2023

Number of participants: Keio University (9 people), Chulalongkorn University (6 people),

Mae Fah Luang University (11 people)

Students from Keio University, Chulalongkorn University, and Mae Fah Luang University (MFU), who participated in the summer camp in August 2022 and built friendships, visited Mae Kok Foundation (MKF)in Chiang Rai to participate in volunteer activities and exchange with the children.

  • Volunteer Activity

MKF suffered major damage to farms, fish farms and guest houses due to the flooding of the

Kok River in August 2022.

This time, we carried out work to help with the concrete construction of the waterproof wall that was swept away by the flood.

The students changed into work clothes, put on work gloves, and worked together with the MKF

children. We divided up the work of filling bags with sand and carrying them to the foundation

construction site, and bucket relaying the materials that were kneaded with concrete and sand to the site.

In March, even in northern Thailand, daytime temperatures range from 35°C to 37°C.

For the Japanese students who are not used to the Thai climate, it was quite a tough task.

The children in MKF were accustomed to the work and had physical strength, so they continued

working without worrying about the heat.

When everyone was exhausted after the work, Ms. Anuluck, the person in charge of MKF, offered

homemade ice cream and everyone took a break.

  • Exchange Project

9 Keio students arrived in Bangkok on March 24 and visited Chulalongkorn University on March 25. We reunited with 10 Chula students, had a campus tour, walked around Bangkok, and had a dinner

party. After that, 6 Chula students flew to Chiang Rai with Keio students and entered MKF.

At Chulalongkorn University

During this period, Chiang Rai had severe air pollution due to the burning of fields by

surrounding farmers and Myanmar farmers, and it was an environment where people had to wear masks all the time.

Due to the air pollution from burning fields, the sky was cloudy, and we didn’t have the

opportunity to see many stars in the beautiful night sky and the shooting stars that we

usually see.

On March 27, the students visited MFU University in Chiang Rai and were welcomed by 20 other

students who had come to summer camp. MFU tourism ambassadors, mainly Myanmar international

students from MFU, gave a campus tour, and after that, MFU students guided them to visit the

White Temple and other parts of the city of Chiang Rai until the evening.

We also got on a shared bus “Songthaew” used in northern Thailand

On the evening of March 28, fires caused by the burning of fields by farmers around MKF spread to the forest, and the mountain behind MKF caught fire.

Depending on the direction of the wind, there was a possibility that MKF could catch fire, so

when we consulted with Prof.Rapipong of MFU, the MFU headquarters instructed us to evacuate the

students from this area, so the MFU prepared a bus. We decided to go to the MFU student


A fire engine soon came and put out the fire.

We are very grateful to Prof.Rapipong of MFU and the university headquarters for their kindness.

On the morning of March 29, we were relieved to see the children again in MKF. On this day,

after riding elephants and enjoying lunch with Ms. Anuluck at an elephant camp of the Karen hill tribe near MKF, all of us had a looking back session and a farewell party.

We hugged the children of MKF and regretted saying goodbye, and headed to the airport.

Among the students who participated in the summer camp in Bangkok, Chula students who could not

participate in the tour this time came to see us and reunited with old friends.

It was a short visit, but many things happened, and we overcame those problems together with the Thai students.

Finally, we would like to introduce the comments of Mr. Kento Mizuno, who participated in this


“Everyone who participated in this tour said it was the best trip, and I myself was able to make a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. There were a lot of happenings along the way, but it was all fun and fun to die for. In addition, Chula and MFU students and MKF children are all very kind and I was able to get to know them very well.

Thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful experience.

It was a great pleasure to meet all of you of OCA. ”