Online Mae Kok Foundation (Mae Kok) Visit was held

Participants on screen.  The upper left: Mae Kok children.

We held an online Mae Kok Visit. Everyone who donated in December 2020 said they would like to actually go to Mae Kok. Since the corona pandemic makes it difficult to travel abroad, we planned to use Zoom to connect Mae Kok in Chiang Rai, Thailand and Japanese supporters enjoy an online fleeting overseas trip.

We planned to broadcast to the elephant camp on the opposite bank of Mae Kok’s facility, show the fruit trees and vegetables of the agricultural project donated by OCA, and show the homemade breads and sweets for sale, and wind up with children’s songs and speeches. But in reality, the elephant crossed the river to Mae Kok guiding the village and Ms. Anuluck played a central role in guiding Mae Kok in the two-screen broadcasting.  I praise myself that it has made it quite interesting (LOL).

Photo left: An elephant crossing the river. Right: Children singing at Mae Kok’s church
Master First who will guide you to the farm

Nat, the representative of the children, gave an excellent speech, “I am grateful that Mae Kok accepted me in the absence of a facility that accepts me anywhere due to the corona pandemic. I am grateful to everyone for your support on behalf of our children.” 

I think it was a good visit that conveyed the cozy atmosphere of Mae Kok.

It happened that Erika, who lives in Bangkok and stayed at Mae Kok’s cottage, guided us on an elephant with the child using her smartphone. It was a coincidence, but I think we’ve made a new project together and made new friends. Erika-san, thank you very much.

The one-hour visit was successfully completed, and the children had a launch dinner. It looks delicious (^^). Thank you for a good time. (Akiko Takizawa)