Overseas volunteer groups in Nagoya held an event to donate to Mae Kok Foundation!

The overseas volunteers from a seminar group “Make a Difference” hosted by Mr. Mori in Nakatsugawa held an event on Sunday, April 25th to collect donations to the Mae Kok Foundation. The venue was Kiso Sansen Park in Nagoya, and a total of 47 participants gathered in the outdoor lawn field to prevent infection and had a good time. The day was blessed with fine weather, and the volunteers were able to enjoy various event such as blue sky pilates experience, one-point styling by hairdressers, photography by photographers, lunch, coffee, and cookie sales.

We were able to collect the donation of 70,000 yen with the participation fee and the various sales. Thank you everyone. The overseas volunteer groups also want to support Mae Kok Foundation by planning such kind of event in July.