We are looking for participants for Online Mae Kok Foundation Visit 2!

We had a successful online Mae Kok Foundation (MKF) Visit on January 24th.

Since it was well accepted, we decided to hold the Online MKF Visit 2 on June 12th (Saturday). Awesome! This time, 25 members will visit MKF and play with Ms. Anuluck and the children. Please join us!

MKF is an orphanage for hill tribes in the mountain village of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Currently, 20 children live with Ms. Anuluck and go to school. We have been making friends with the children of this orphanage and visiting them every year for about 10 years. Nowadays, donations are decreasing in Coronavirus and their management is getting difficult, so we are collecting personal donations to secure the daily lives of the children.

This time, we will hold an “Anuluck-san’s Thai Cooking Class”, which many of you have requested. Every time we visited MKF, we were healed by Ms. Anuluck’s delicious food and forgot about the tiredness of our trips. This time she will teach you 4 Thai dishes including desserts. We will distribute the recipe to everyone in advance and she will teach you simply and comprehensibly. In addition, she will guide you through the MKF facility and enjoy interacting with the children fully. Please look forward to it.

Online Mae Kok Foundation Visit Application Guidelines

Target of Participation

  • Those who can sympathize with the philosophy of the OCA’s activities (Please refer to the following Japan-Thailand HP for what we want to do)
  • Those who have an internet environment and can participate in the program using a computer.
  • Those who can communicate positively (English skills are not required).

Program schedule

June 12 (Sat) Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from 4:00 pm Japan time


25 people (The deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.)
We will limit the number of participants so that everyone can communicate with each other.

Participation fee


Details of the program

  • Self-introduction of the participants
  • A brief introduction of MKF
  • MKF facility guided by Ms. Anuluck
  • Anuluck-san’s cooking class
  • Play with children

We plan to ask Ms. Takizawa for a Thai-Japanese interpreter.

How to apply

Please apply using the form below.

https://forms.gle/LKZioHpEJxxETxY1A (Google Form)


If you have any questions, please send your question using the inquiry form.

In charge: Takahashi, Takizawa, Noda