Stand Up for Maekok Vol.5

Vol.5 March 8, 2022

This newsletter was edited by Takizawa and Shimabayashi.


I hope everyone is doing well. After sending your warm donations to Mae Kok Foundation (MKF), the construction of the computer room has finally begun. However, in February, MKF’s children got a positive reaction of Corona-19, and Ms. Anuluk seemed to be very busy.

The long-awaited computer room has been completed!

They put a glass door in one corner of the activity room, put insulation, installed an air conditioner, put in a remodeled desk, and bought two computers. Wi-Fi was set up, and the computer room was completed.  The opening ceremony was held on February 19th, inviting the directors.

The children are doing their homework, doing research, and studying on their computers.

Video Message from MKF’s children

~Construction scenery~

~The room is fitted with glass dividers and doors, and is covered with panels donated by OCA and OCA Thailand.~

~The children are studying using the computers right away.~

We asked the children how they felt about the computer room.

・ Pat (3rd year high school, female): I will go to Chiang Rai’s Vocational College, Marketing Department. Thank you for buying the computers. I want to do reports and personal research on computers.

・ Sa (6th grade, girl): Thank you for making a computer room with your donations. I will use it for studying.

・ First (4th grade boy): I will use it effectively.

・ Artin (1st year junior high school girl): I want to expand my knowledge.

・ Garm (5th grade boy): I want to use the computer for studying.

・ Ice (5th grade boy): I believe the computer room is useful for studying.

Thanks to everyone’s donations, the computer room has been completed and MKF’s learning environment has evolved dramatically. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of ripple effect will be produced for the future. We will continue to support you so that you can use your computer room comfortably. Eventually, we hope we could supply materials such as books.

We would like to invite MKF’s children to Japan with this year’s donation.

With the donation at the end of 2022, we are planning to invite two of MKF’s children to Japan for a study trip (scheduled to be held around August 2023).

In 2019, MKF’s Sai-chan and Mee-chan were invited to an NGO-sponsored camp in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and left Chiang Rai for the first time to fly from Bangkok to Japan. After the Ito camp, we had dinner at a Thai restaurant, and Mr. Koinuma from OCA took us to the Shinagawa Aquarium. While they were in Japan, it seemed to be fun, but their smiles were hard, and their chatting was encouraged by Ms. Anuluk and they talked a little. After returning to Thailand, they began to study and work actively, started learning the piano, and smiled more, and the two changed visibly. Both Ms. Anuluk and we were surprised at this, and it seemed that a new wind was blown into the children who came to Japan. Currently, Sai-chan will graduate from high school this March and will leave MKF for a language study abroad and working holiday in Australia.  Mee-chan is in the second year of high school.

We would like other children to have this kind of experience, and we would like to organize a study trip to Japan and cover expenses such as travel expenses with donations. The details will be announced in November, but we would like to support MKF next year with your cooperation and help the children’s future. Thank you for your cooperation.

~At the aquarium.   It seems that they saw fish swimming for the first time.~

~In Asakusa~

Spring Charity Run & Walk Begins!

The 4th charity project which the participation fee will be donated!

Why don’t you run and walk while encouraging each other with the friends who participated together?

The program period is 2 weeks. We set goals for each and aim to achieve them.

Apply for participation from this site!

The application deadline is [March 20]. Please feel free to join us!

▼ Project Period

March 26th (Sat) -April 10th (Sun), 2022 2 weeks

* We will provide opportunities for participants to meet each other online three times in total.

<Introduction Meeting Schedule>

March 26th (Sat) 16:00 –18:00 Opening Ceremony (guidance, participant exchange, etc.)

April 2nd (Sat) 16: 00-18: 00 Exchange (interaction with support recipients, etc.)

April 10 (Sun) 16:00 –17:30 Closing Ceremony (Closing Ceremony, praise, etc.)

▼ Participation Fee (donation)

You can choose either one.

1 ticket: 2,500 yen

2 ticket: 5,000 yen

* Partner / family participation tickets are also available. For details, please visit the

application site.

▼ Application Deadline

March 20, 23:59

Applications are coming one after another! There is no doubt that it will be exciting this year as well!

We are also looking for participants from overseas. Please talk to your friends!

Let’s spread the circle all over the world!

Click here to apply (English)

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for all your warm donations to support MKF’s children this year. MKF has been able to maintain stable management with the children under the Corona Pandemic. Also, with your donations, we were able to build the computer room this year which was our goal. The Vol.5 of this MKF Newsletter, which we started to introduce MKF’s children as much as possible, how your donations are being used, and how they are helping to support their future, will be the last delivery of this term until March.

Around November 2022, we will deliver a newsletter in line with MKF’s charity donation. Please look forward to it. Thank you very much for your support. (From all the editorial staffs of the MKF Newsletter)

Best regards,