Stand Up for Maekok Vol.4

 Vol.4  February 22, 2021

This newsletter was written by Takizawa and Shimabayashi.

A thank-you message from Ms.Anuluck (Representative of the Mae Kok Foundation)

Dear Supporters,

On behalf of the Mae Kok Foundation and our children, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your love and concern for us. Among the various support, the computer room is indispensable and important for the modern learning environment where knowledge is acquired on the Internet. Please have a healthy and good year. May God bless you!                                                                         Anuluck Chaislin

About Remittance of Warm Donations from Everyone

Two months have passed since the charity donation to Mae Kok Foundation (MKF), which we have been asking everyone since October 15, and we were able to collect a lot of donations. We would like to report that the following donations have been collected with the cooperation of OCA Thailand members.

Donation amount of Japanese people:  904,094 yen

OCA Thailand donation amount:      248,500 yen

Total:                                                 1,152,594 yen

The target amount for personal donations was 900,000 yen, but we were able to collect up to 1.15 million yen. Thank you very much. The donation amount received will be sent to MKF on December 22nd. We would like to consult with Ms. Anuluck early next year and start the construction of the long-wished computer room.

In addition, MRA House sent a donation of 700,000 yen to MKF on December 8th to support the management of MKF of Corona pandemic. Thank you very much. The charity events are still going on. We would like to use these donations for the program to invite MKF children to Japan from next year. We deeply appreciate your cooperation.

Have a nice Christmas and a good year! 

Make a Difference Charity Event in Nagoya

Since the end of last year, volunteers from Make a Difference, who are active mainly in Nagoya, have been planning an event to “Donate to MKF”. We have received many donations so far. This time, Okumura and Takizawa visited “PAY IT FORWARD VOL.3” held at Mihama Farm in Mihama Town, Aichi Prefecture.

Mihama Farm is preparing for opening a farm next year that will raise fruits, vegetables, beekeeping, goats and chickens using a completely organic farming method that does not use pesticides, with the concept of “Leaving real soil for children” next year. Going up the slope in the field, Ms. Noda and Ms. Yamada sponsored welcomed us. You can buy rice balls cooked in Messtin, pork soup, roasted sweet potatoes, and detox water for lunch. The rice balls and pork soup were great! In addition, head massage and hand massage were provided. As the main event of this time, “Let’s make a waterless toilet”, we learned with children about a waterless toilet that is treated with sawdust and microorganisms. After all, Mihama Farm, the venue, is spacious with a warm climate, and it is a very pleasant space with orange trees scattered around. MKF also has a lot in common because it is pesticide-free and grows vegetables, fruit trees, and beekeeping. I felt a mysterious connection.

There were about 50 visitors, and they donated the entrance fee and the profits of the items for sale. Thank you. We were inspired by the possibility of an event in such a spacious space in the suburbs of Tokyo. Thank you very much to the “Make a Difference Volunteers!”

From the left, Ms. Yamada, Ms. Noda (Make a Difference), Ms. Takizawa, Ms. Ueda (Mrs. Mihama Farm Owner), and Okumura

Everyone who makes newspaper bags for used toilet paper for waterless toilets. Put used paper in these bags and throw them away separately.

The “Charity x Decluttering” program has begun!

From December 17th (Friday) to December 30th (Thursday), We received a lot of participation in order to achieve wishes of “I want to clean up what I want to clean up, where I want to clean up, and how I feel refreshed!” while encouraging each other. We are really grateful for the donations. Thank you!

(The full amount of the program entry fee will be donated to the MKF)

Management staff:  3 people

Participants:      18 people

Donation:        55,000 yen (5,000 yen x 3, 2,500 yen x 16)

Various free participation programs will be held during the period.

I would like to introduce some. 

<Book Trade>

Are the books you have read piled up?

Because they are important books, You would be happy if someone could read them.

Do you want to talk and read about books? Send them to your friend each other. It’s good not just to throw them away, isn’t it?

<Morning Refreshing Meditation plus Yoga>

Wake up at 6am every morning, check your body and mind, prepare your body with yoga, and start the day. Looking back on this year, we will throw away what could be thrown away and become lighter both physically and mentally.

<Decluttering Concentrated Dojo>

Decide the time, the area and cleanup for 30 minutes.

Even if you are not motivated by yourself, you have to declare it to your friends and then work on it, so you have to do it! A concentrated dojo where everyone listens to music, prepares rewards, and drives them in!

We haven’t introduced enough yet, but we have prepared various devices to make sure that the participants who donated can spend the end of the year happily.

Everyone will be decluttered at the end of the year!

Other programs and introductions of management staff are posted in detail on this Peatix site! Please check it out.

In this way, we would like to continue to develop a program entitled “Enjoyable International Contribution” in which the participation fee is donated.

As one of them, we are planning a program called “Charity Run & Walk”.

It was held last year and was very well received, so we decided to implement it for the second time this time!

<Charity Run & Walk> : Scheduled

March 26th (Sat) – April 10th (Sun), 2022 for 2 weeks It’s a two-week period where you set goals, run, walk, and encourage each other where you live. We are planning to recruit overseas participants, so it is a wonderful project to connect with friends who work hard in a remote place. We will start recruiting participants from the end of February next year, so if you are interested, please join us! !!

【 Charity Run & Walk Staff】 

CHIYO、 Kirichan、Yukachin