Stand Up for Maekok Vol.3

Hello, We are Yuka Shimabayashi(Yukachin) and Chiyo Nakabayashi(Chiyo), who are in charge of the newsletter this time!

We plan and manage a charity and an exchange program in the form of “feel free to

contribute internationally”. By interacting with the children of Mae Kok Foundation (MKF)onlinewe have also experienced how the donations are actually used and what  the children are


In the previous volume, we delivered a lot of information about children and MKF, so this

time we will tell you about the latest charity programs and past programs.

We hope you will read it to the end!

No other! A unique year-end charity project will be held!

(Sorry this program is available only for Japanese speaking participants.)

The processes of developmentrajectory – The idea that we are happy

with each other-

In 2021, we had a charity run & walk in July and a charity Thai cooking class in

October. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Let’s see each program! (Excerpts from the activity blog)

  •  Charity Run & Walk Program

There were about 25 participants, and the age range was from 20s to 80s! We

gathered from Japan,Thailand and South Korea.

We did our best to run (RUN) or walk (WALK) for 2 weeks while encouraging each

other as a team (called a family) toward the goals set by each. There were many

voices that we all had goals to achieve, and we reported that we ran this much

today, so we couldn’t do it alone, but we worked hard together with everyone even

though we were far away!

In addition to running, we also had a bingo project where you could experience the

culture of Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, and had time to interact with the

children of the MKF, so that you can connect with the world and meet someday! It

was a time when we all felt alike.

Donations weren’t the only purpose, but if we participated in something fun, it

would have benefited someone before we knew it! This is a new project that was

started as a project that would benefit the donors by creating a program like

this. After the new year, we are planning the second part of this project!

You can even maintain your own health while contributing internationally!

Lots of good things!

 Charity Cooking Class

This is a charity cooking class. We made a dessert called green curry and coconut banana milk. After all, “Anuluck-san,” the mother of MKF in Thailand, will teach

us authentic Thai food directly. The taste and appearance changed at the timing of adding

the ingredients, and there were full of surprises. 

We had a leisurely exchange with the children, the participants, and all of them, by thanking

for the food, listening to what they were doing at MKF and what they

were addicted to.

It seems natural to talk while eating the same food at the same timing, but we

were impressed that we could have such a good time even if we were away from

Thailand and Japan!

There were voices of the participants,”We want to do it again!”

What kind of food do you want to learn?

\(^o^)!!The donation amount target has been achieved!!(^o^)/

As of November 22, the total amount of donations from everyone was 943,736 yen.

Thankfully, the goal has been achieved! !! ☆☆

※ The target for this year’s donation is 900,000 yen for stable management and

construction of a computer room.

At the stage of the previous issue, the target amount had not been reached yet,

but a few days ago, donations from OCA Thailand members began to be received, and it

was finally achieved! !!

Thanks to everyone’s caring. Thank you very much! 

But this is not the end of the donation!

The life of the children will continue next year and next, and we are not sure

what the situation of the new coronavirus will be, so we will continue to accept

donations. Thank you for your continued support.

Donate here! !!

Please send your worm donation to the following MKF account.

Siam Commercial Bank Chiangrai Branch

Account number 507-2-53304-7 Maekok Foundation

This request for support begins on October 15, 2021, with a deadline of December

15, and we are planning to send the money to MKF as a Christmas donation on the

20th. Thank you for your continued support.


ภาษาไทยง่ายๆ Easy Thai language Course!!>

※Thanks to Ms. Takizawa, the editor of the previous issue!

>Thai Alphabet / How to read

>Japanese translation

สบายดีไหมคะ/ครับ/Sabai dii mai ka/krap

How are you?

ขอโทษค่ะ/ครับ/Koo thoo kaa/krap

I am sorry. Excuse me.

ไม่เป็นไรค่ะ/ครับ/Mai penrai kaa/krap

I am fine.

ห้องน้ำอยู่ที่ไหนคะ/ครับ/Hongnaam yuu thii nai ka/krap

Where is a restroom?

หิวข้าวแล้ว/Hiu khao leeo

I am hungry.



อร่อยมาก/Aroy maak

Very delicious.

Meet Thai children and try using them! Let’s Tharai (try) ^^ LOL

Look forward to the Vol.4 Newsletter (^^).

“Mecock Support Association”

Secretary Takizawa, Koinuma, Shimabayashi, Mori, Noda, Yamada, Nakabayashi,

Kiriha, Okumura, Takahashi