Stando Up for Maekok Vol.2

Takizawa and Okumura produced and edited it this time.

Hello everyone. I’m Takizawa, in charge of the OCA Steering Committee Mae Kok Foundation (MKF). I exchange with Ms. Anuluck, the representative of MKF, on SNS every day about the children of MKF, photos of delicious food, consultations, and so on.

We are pleased to send you the second issue of “Mae Kok Newsletter”.

We need to wait for delicious food until you actually visit the site, but I hope you will feel like you have been to Chiang Rai.

The children can’t go to school because the Corona Pandemic in Thailand hasn’t settled yet, and they’re spending time in MKF dormitory until the next semester.

Last time, we explained the contents of the donations collected by this Christmas, and this time we would like to report on the donations received from everyone last year.

1) Stabilization of Management

Due to the Corona pandemic, all the events such as camps and seminars, renting places, and accommodation reservations were canceled and they have lost their income, so they had to rely on donations. Fortunately, with your support, they were able to secure an annual budget and help their children live a good life while lowering staff salaries.

“While many facilities refused new dormitory students due to the Corona disaster, only MKF accepted me. Later I learned that MKF also had difficulties in financial problem.”     Nat, who moved into MKF as sisters from last year told me via an online event.

Nat was finally moved into MKF thanks to the schoolteacher’s hard search for a facility to accept, and she showed Anuluck a wonderful report card six months after she moved in, which made Anuluck very pleased. There was also a report that her spillover effect made MKF children study actively.

2) Start Manufacturing and Selling Baked Goods and Bread by Purchasing a Gas Oven

The gas oven was renewed from the donation of agricultural project support.

MKF provides self-sufficient dietary education. They started making sweets using the vegetables and fruits they harvested. At first, they used to make sweets in a small electric oven, but as orders gradually increased, they renewed the gas oven. The amount of sweets that can be baked at one time has increased dramatically, and now bread is also made and sold. Originally, Ms. Anuluck was good at cooking, but since she was an amateur in making sweets, she made her own recipe by referring to various recipes on YouTube and said, “Before Corona disaster, I didn’t even think about making sweets and bread, but it was a new job. If you make bread using flour made in Japan, you can make fluffy bread and it will have a good reputation. “

The gas oven that is very active is visible behind the children.

We received orders for a large amount of baked goods and sandwiches at the event, and the children also received them as well.

3) Purchase a TV

TV came to MKF for the first time!

Among the donations, there was a request “We want to buy a TV”. MKF has never had a TV. For that reason, the children didn’t know some news and couldn’t talk about some topics with their friends at school. They bought a long-sought TV, saying, “It may be the limit that there is no TV.”

It seems that they are watching TV at a fixed time in the evening.

Voices of children:

“I’m glad that a TV came. I like watching documentaries. I am 16 years old.”

“I’m glad I was able to watch TV. I’m having fun with my younger children. I especially like the news and I’m glad I got to know what’s going on outside.  15 years old.”

“I like watching the news. I’m 11 years old.”

I like Anime. 6 years old “

The children say it’s fun because they can watch news, watch documentary programs and dramas, and spend time with their little ones. The children who answered the interview were all happy to say “Dii Maak [di: ma:k] (= Very Good)”.

4) Farm Development

We all cleared the grounds of MKF to improve the soil and planted durian saplings. Durian is a popular fruit traded at high prices in Thailand. They also visited the Dorian farm and studied. Various vegetables and fruits are grown in the fields. They grow fish in fishponds and also beekeeping. Crops and fish are served as dormitory meals and are learning to be self-sufficient. It seems that the amount of food expenses has been greatly reduced.

5) What are the expectations of the children once having a computer room?

If we collect this time donation, we have a plan to create a computer room. We asked the children what you would like to do if you get a computer room. They said,

“I think I’ll be able to do my homework well by doing research with a search engine and using software such as PowerPoint. 16 years old.”

“I think I’ll be able to do the homework my teacher gave me. I’m 15 years old.”

“I think it will be easier to do various searches to submit homework. 15 years old.”

“I want to practice making programs. I want to be a programmer in the future. 11 years old.”

“I want to practice and be able to use it. 6 years old”

“I want to practice using a computer. I think it will be useful in the future. 9 years old.”

Children talking about their expectations for the computer room

In Thailand, a lot of homework is made by computer, printed out and submitted, so children seem to be attracted to the fact that they can do their homework at MKF. And some children want to improve the efficiency of their research and acquire skills that will be useful for their future work. It would be great if they could improve their study efficiency and gain new knowledge.

6) Mid-Term Report of Donation Amount

The donation amount for this year is targeted at 900,000 yen for stable management and construction of a computer room. As of October 25, the total amount of donations from everyone is 715,052 yen (Japan Post Bank’s “Mae Kok Support Association” 670,052 yen, Donner Box 45,000 yen).

It is still a little short of the target amount of 900,000 yen. We appreciate your further


7) Thank you for your worm Christmas donation to MKF.

Please send your worm donation to the following MKF account.

Siam Commercial Bank Chiangrai Branch

Account number 507-2-53304-7 Maekok Foundation

This request for support has begun on October 15, 2021 and will end on December 15, and will be sent to MKF as a Christmas donation on December 20th.

We look forward to your continued support.

Newsletter Vol. 3 will be handled by Ms. Shimabayashi and Ms. Nakabayashi in late November. Please look forward to it (^^).

“Mae Kok Support Association”

Secretary Takizawa, Koinuma, Shimabayashi, Mori, Noda, Yamada, Nakabayashi, Kiriha, Okumura, and Takahashi