Vol 6 September 1, 2022


This newsletter was written by Takizawa and Nakabayashi.

Dear Mae Kok Foundation (MKF) supporters,

Long time no see. I’m Takizawa. The heat of this year has really hit the spot. My Thai friends asked me why don’t you come here to escape the heat since Bangkok is cooler. Before Corona, when I got off at Suvarnabhumi Airport in August, I remember many passengers saying, “Huh? It’s not hot.”  I hope I could go to Thailand.

The Kok river on the banks of MKF flooded. Please help them with the flood damage.

In Japan, heavy rains have caused damage due to the influence of the linear rainfall zone, mainly in the Tohoku region. At MKF, there was a lot of damage to the guest house along the Kok river, the dock and pavilion, the fields and the orchard. It seems that the upper reaches of the river continued to rain due to the occurrence of a low pressure system and a typhoon that stayed in the northeastern and northern regions of Thailand. They had a flood nine years ago, but it wasn’t this big. Fortunately, the children’s houses were not damaged, but the fields, orchards, and fish farms that had been supported for a long time were all damaged by the flood.

MKF needs 100,000 yen for the foundation work of the guest house, and 350,000 yen for the purchase of 3,000 sandbags to prevent further flooding due to the new flow of water on the premises, totaling 450,000 yen. During the corona pandemic, they were able to make ends meet with your donations, but the budget could not keep up with the sudden disaster. Currently, 30 Korean student volunteers and volunteers from a nearby vocational school are helping with the sandbag construction. I want to fly over and cheer them up, but I can’t even do that, so I started this fundraiser.

Of the 400,000 yen donated to MKF for agricultural projects from MRA Foundation, we are thinking of requesting 200,000 yen to be transferred ahead of schedule as funds for the sandbag construction. We would like to start fundraising for flood damage relief with a goal of 250,000 yen.

With your help, we would like to support the cost of sandbags for the sandbag construction in MKF and the basic construction costs of the pier and guest house that have been washed away. If you join forces even if it is a small amount, you will be able to help MKF.

Thank you for your warm support. Please send your donation to the following account.

1) Those who live in Thailand

Siam Commercial Bank

Chiang Rai Branch


Maekok Foudation

2) Those who live in Japan

Japan Post Bank:  “Mae Kok Support Association”

Bank code:  9900

Branch code:  058

Branch office name:  Zero Go Hachi 058

Account:  7723852

Ms. Anuluk is also in a lot of trouble, so I would like to send everyone’s support money to MKF as soon as possible. We would like to ask you to send the money by September 20th.

We will hold the second charity cooking!

We will be holding a charity cooking class again this year, the 5th installment of the “Enjoyable International Contribution Series”. This time, we will make Pad See Ew, a sweet and spicy dish that combines thick rice vermicelli with Thai soy sauce “See You Dam”.

Let’s all eat together after cooking online!

Mindi, the instructor, lives in Bangkok, so it is a chance to get the latest local information.

The participation fee will be used to support the restoration of MKF, which was damaged by the flooding of the Kok river as mentioned above.


Date: September 3, 2002 (Sat) 18:00 – 20:00 (Japan time)

How to participate: Online *Using Zoom

Capacity: 25 people

Participation fee: You can choose from the following two types

Single ticket: 2,500 yen

2 tickets: 5,000 yen

*Cost of ingredients is not included

Application: Applications are accepted from this URL.

*Peatix registration (free) is required.


Instructor Mindi is active as a staff member at Asian Beat online, always positive, and has a wonderful bright smile! On the day of the event, she seems to be preparing not only cooking but also quizzes so that Thai culture can be learned.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Sincerely Yours,