【Recruting Participants】Global Charity Run&Walk

Our “Run&Walk” together with friends can help others!

We will have a Global Charity Run&Walk, which can make everyone smile☺︎

Our programs aim to build a society, which accepts various values and encourages each belief.

Sadly, participation in those is pretty limited because there are many living in difficulties including conflict, hunger, and poverty.

It would be amazing if we can offer a win-win program, which both supports those in need and entertains those in support.

New Normal lifestyle has been called for due to pandemic of covid-19, which changes how we enjoy sports and meet friends. Shall we enjoy exercising, mingling with new friends, and interacting with support destination through participation of “Run&Walk” ?

Your participation fee will be fully donated, which is really helpful for the support destination. You can see how your donation will be used with an opportunity to interact with it.


 - Date:10th(Sat)~ 25th(Sun) July

   – Tools:Smartphone or Smartwatch

  <Apps Reccomendation>

  Please use the following apps for measuring how much we run!

  ・Nike Run Club App(iOS/Android)

  ・adidas Running App(iOS/Android)

 - Support desitination:Maekok Farm(Orphanage at Chang Rai, Thai)

  MRA Foundaton has visited and organized a tour for interaction with children at Maekok Farm for many years. We would like to support it while the pandemic caused by Covid 19 prevents us from engaging in face to face support.

       Please check the support destination from this article!


 – Entry Qualifications

  We welcome those

  ・who understands and agreed the idea

  ・who prioritizes participation in attending programs

  ・who can download GPS apps

  ・who can run under safe environment

       ・who are healthy

  ・who can connect Internet and use zom

  ・who can get agreement from parents if you are younger than 18 years old

       * we welcome everyone regardless of age, you can join as a family team as well

 - Application periods

  24th June(Thu)~2nd July(Fri) 23:59 including payment

    -Application methods

  please fill in this following form


  -How to join

  Please enjoy running or walking while activating apps for measuring how much you do.

       We will have three online events during this program.

 - Schedule (JST)  

       10th July(Sat) 16:00 – 18:00  Opening Ceremony (Guidance)

  17th July(Sat) 16:00 – 18:00  Cultural exchange

  25th July(Sun) 16:00 – 18:00 Closing Ceremony

  ※we will use zoom

  - Capacity

  25 participants  *first come first served basis

  We will count representatives if you join as a family or partner team

  – Fee

     Individuals:2,000 Japanese yen /person depending on currency rate

  Family or Partner:Representatives 2000 yen

        + 500 yen per the member

 - Benefits


  ・Letters from children at Maekok Farm

         (It will be delivered around August)


MRA Foundation


Common Beat


Yuka Shimabayashi